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Airlift Water Pump 



Airlift water pump demonstrating the dual action of a single airlift water pump head.



Diy hydroponics gardening site providing diy hydroponic systems, Aquaponics, custom air lift water pumps, Diy Solar, how to Led lights, and Diy videos.  Hydroponics is easy and uses less water and fertilizers to grow the same food in dirt.  Diy greenhouses are easier than ever these days and it is easy to set up a Aquaponic system using Fish water to be used for irrigating hydroponic grow containers, trays, Bio-filters etc.  It is a win win for everyone.

Custom diy water pumps for irrigating hydroponic grow containers and trays are also available including  diy custom water pumps plus all content including Eco-Friendly grow filters and containers.

Why should you use air powered hydroponic gardening techniques?

We have been asked that question so many times I will give you a few of the benefits of using diy water pumps.

+ Diy water pumps are powered by air which costs less to operate than a water pump.

+ Using diy water pumps make it a hybrid hydroponic grow system + You can use the output to irrigate grow containers and trays using Drip, Aeroponics, NFT, Ebb and Flow, and wick hydroponic growing techniques.

As the diy water pumps are pumping water... air escapes into the nutrient solution reservoir which aerates the reservoir making it a DWC hydroponic system. At the same time air is escaping, water is being pulled up into the pump head and the resulting droplets ride the air current up and out of the supply tube. This process, just described, provides highly oxygenated nutrient solution to the roots of the plants and explode with growth from all the available oxygen


Diy air powered water pump is used to demonstrate how 1 air pump with 2 or more outputs, Walmart 2 output air pump is less than 20 dollars, and can be used to run more than 1 grow filter or container . The 2nd output goes to another homemade water pump and passes the water ever higher to yet another grow filter or container to return back to the reservoir, which in my case is a small pond dug into the floor of a homemade greenhouse.  Hydro our Koi lives there with other fish making it a Aquaponics system.  The fish waste is converted by the grow containers and filters, to Nitrogen by bacteria working in the media.  The water is filtered of waste for the fish and the plants grow as a result.  It is a Eco-Friendly system that is simple and very inexpensive when You make your own Hydro-Stinger water pumps for less than a dollar each.  I don't sell plans anymore, but can certainly show you how-to do it or share plans for Free.  why do it at all?  


When You irrigate your hydroponic grow filters and trays in this way the reservoir is aerated from the inherent operation of the homemade water pumps, plus all the filters and trays drop back to the reservoir for even more aeration.  As the water intermittently exits the pump head water droplets enter the airstream, more aeration,  riding it up and out of the water pumps output.  This extra oxygen helps with plant growth, bacteria conversion to nitrogen within the hydroponic media, 

How-To Led Lights


 led grow light exposing rectification circuitry

The image above is a broken Led grow light that is exposing the rectification circuitry used to change the input voltage from 120Vac to a much smaller Dc voltage that the LEDs need to operate.

Most consumer electronic products use DC to operate and the AC input voltage from your wall outlet has to be rectified or transformed from AC to DC. 


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